Energized addition to the Binance Smart Chain!

Welcome to TAURUS

Welcome to the TAURUS . TAURUS is the energized addition to the Binance Smart Chain! Born from the idea that people should get rewarded for holding, TAURUS decided to give its users a 4% BUSD redistribution reward that goes automatically to their wallet just for holding. There’s no Crypto that knows how to balance pleasure and practicality quite like Taurus. The TAURUS team are as hardworking as they come — however, “Taureans” have a strong sense of commitment to the things they value.


TAURUS (TAU) is built by a team of forward-thinking individuals who want to create a global community of TAURUS members. We are not just a meme coin, but a functioning project with big plans. We believe in organic marketing, but for a project and cryptocurrency this big we are obviously going to need lots of marketing and we already have all of that in place, you can see all of our plans and what we plan on doing with marketing to help boost the growth of TAURUS on our roadmap.


Taureans are dependable partners, trustworthy and have a lot of devotion. Taureans know the value of a dollar. Taureans aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and work hard to earn big rewards. They’re ambitious, focused, and resilient. TAURUS is  all about return on investment (the bull is also the symbol of Wall Street), and Taureans know how to play the long game professionally. Security is paramount for Taureans and any threat to their stability will be sure to have a celestial bull to protect.

Taurus  (TAU) is a quality TOKEN that reflects Taurus’s steadfast, loyal nature. 


We have lots of plans for TAURUS, lots of investors, and many connections that are going to allow us to market our cryptocurrency and swap to millions of people. We aim to have a fair launch during February 2022. The contract address of the token will be sent via the TAURUS telegram group chat. There will be no pump and dumps as there’s going to be a max buy which is 5 bnb per wallet address. We want to bridge the gap between the cryptocurrency market and everyday consumers. We’ll transition TAURUS into the mainstream by removing barriers to access and by building trust in our vision for the future of money.




Symbol : TAU
Decimal : 9

Contract Address: 0x6eb5F3cfEe0Bd22C30490C25AFf30DFdBC7B6824

Initial Volume     10,000,000,000,000
Burn     50%     5,000,000,000,000

The Issuer undertakes not to issue more than 10,000,000,000,000 TAURUS


Burn                  50% 5,000,000,000,000
Exchange         33% 3,350,000,000,000
DEX (Phase 4)  9%     950,000,000,000
Marketing          2%     250,000,000,000
Development    2%      250,000,000,000
Charity             1%      100,000,000,000
Operational      1%     100,000,000,000

Transaction Fee

TAURUS Smart Contract is developed with an unique algorithm: On every transaction (Buy or Sell,) a 11% Transaction fee (TAX) is applied. The 11% Transaction Fee (TAX) will be distributed as indicated below:


  • Liquidity(Locked)  4%
  • Reward (BUSD)     4%
  • Marketing              1%
  • Development         1%
  • Charity                   1%


Giani (Fuzzy)

Project Manager 

United Kingdom

Nic (Taurus)

Marketing Manager


KYC Certification

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